“I don't know where to begin... I told Jacque (aka Jax) owner of LynxxUSA that my mother and myself were off to New Zealand and Australia for 4 weeks. My boyfriend also come along for 2 weeks of it. I told her where I wanted to go and how long I wanted to be at each place. Even though she would have been more than willing and capable of planning everything I had certain "must haves". I only gave her a short amount of time to arrange, book, finalize and backup plan for everything! She did a FANTASTIC job! I'm a very meticulous planner and maybe a little ocd.. She booked everything I wanted and even offered wonderful suggestions that I had not thought of. Really in the whole month only one thing went wrong (nothing she did) but when the one thing did happen I'm pretty sure I text and called her at late hours her time as I was 17 hours ahead.. ( sorry again jax). She handled the situation and got everything back on track! I'm not the easiest customer to have/want and when I give a compliment I mean it! She accommodated all of my concerns and helped my mother and I have the time of our lives!!! I am already working on another trip w her for my boyfriend’s 40th birthday! I could not recommend a more qualified, hardworking and reliable person to book any trip with! Big or small I will continue to go through her! Will send another review after my next trip! Thanks again Jax!!”

- Audrey M.- Dallas, Texas

“The South Africa trip was amazing! The accommodations were 5 Star with excellent service. Transfers from location to location were seamless and efficient. The daily sight-seeing and activities hit the must see highlights of the areas we visited. But most of all, the group we traveled with made it one of the most memorable and favorite trips I have been on to date. I highly recommend LynxxUSA Travel.”

- Kelly S.- Dallas, Texas

“LynxxUSA is a great way to travel! While many people shy away from “group travel”, LynxxUSA trips aren’t rigid and structured so you can truly enjoy your vacation while having everything taken care of for you. Traveling with Jacque’s group let’s you have fun on your vacations and site see the way you want while having the benefit of getting to know cool people and visit amazing countries. Accommodations are always spectacular and the tiniest details make the adventures extra special. I highly recommend LynxxUSA for your travel needs.”

- Lori M.- Atlanta, Georgia

“I was so blessed to get to join the LynxxUSA group to Australia and Figi. By far the best trip I have taken to date and looking forward to many more. Jacque did an amazing job of making sure our accommodations were first class with just the right balance of activities and relaxation. I would highly recommended Jacque to arrange any trip. Best part is when you travel with Jacque she makes sure you get to see all the spots not just the touristy stuff.”

- Christie B.- Dallas, Texas

“Anyone wanting to getaway needs to book through LynxxUSA! I've had the most wonderful and memorable experiences traveling to Spain, Italy, and South Africa with your travel group. I have met so many great people and have built lifelong friendships within your network of travelers. Thank you for planning extremely organized trips and excursions to the best destinations in the world! LynxxUSA is the ONLY way to travel!”

- Melissa R.- Dallas, Texas

“Traveling with the LynxxUSA group has been a wonderful experience. Costa Rica, Ireland and Greece, Spain with New Zealand, Fiji and Australia coming up next, all have been extremely well planned, well executed and nothing but fun, fun, fun! I have and will recommend traveling with this group to all my friends!”

- Errin M.- Dallas, Texas

“I have been fortunate enough to go on 6 Lynxx trips. They were all First Class!!! Jacque does an awesome job of ensuring the accommodations, transfers and excursions are top notch. The group that travels is always fun loving and each trip brings new adventures. If there is something that you would like to do while on the trip that is not on the itinerary, Jacque will work with you to make that happen. While in Spain, we were able to do a side trip to Pamplona and Run with the Bulls. While in Brazil, we added on hang gliding. I would highly recommend that you check out LynxxUSA travel and see what trips they have coming up. You’ll have a great vacation with lots of fantastic memories and cool pics.”

- Craig M. - Dallas, Texas

“If you want a bucket-list type of experience with phenomenal people and first-class accommodations, LynxxUSA is your tour guide to the world. My trip to Italy was incredible. All I had to do was show up and enjoy the memories in the making. Jacque leaves nothing to chance. As I write this, I’m taken back to the visceral sights, sounds and foods that I soaked up. The trip was everything Italia- art, architecture, resorts, cafes, pastoral wineries, mythological ruins, museums, shops…everything you dream about and more. Jacque was flexible and as involved as much as you wanted her to be. She is so fun and conscientious, and she put an amazing itinerary together for all of us to enjoy and sample as we saw fit- I can’t believe how much we did in nine days! Jacque, thank you for making my trip to Italy one I will always cherish.”

– Don J. - Dallas, Texas

“LynxxUSA truly makes traveling fun and easy! Jacque takes care of all the planning and details…I simply show up and enjoy the trip stress-free. I’ve been on many vacations with Lynxx (Ireland, Greece, the British Virgin Islands, Steamboat, Peru, Argentina, Brazil) and I can’t wait for the next one! I love seeing new places and meeting new friends…the only downside is the trips that I missed!”

– Marty K. - Dallas, Texas

“Traveling on trips planned by LynxxUSA is an amazing experience!! They are well-organized, jammed packed with exciting adventures and allow you to see the world with great ease. From running with the bulls in Pamplona, to hang gliding off a mountain in Rio, or watching the sunset in Santorini, Greece, LynxxUSA travel has all that you can imagine and so much more. Your days can be filled with exploring the great sites each city has to offer, relaxing with an ale in a pub or sitting on a beach reading your favorite book-you choose…that is the best part of booking a trip with LynxxUSA, your vacation options are endless. Jacque is fabulous to work with and will try to accommodate any adventure you may wish for your trip! I have been to Costa Rica, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa, all with LynxxUSA travel and have always had an excellent experience. For anyone who wants to see the world with ease and adventure, I highly recommend LynxxUSA travel!”

– Kimberly D. - Dallas, Texas

“I love to vacation! Traveling with LynxxUSA has been an incredible experience. I went on the trip to Spain where we went to Barcelona, Mallorca, Ibiza and Madrid. Having Jacque and her team organize everything takes so much pressure off of me and I am able to ENJOY everything. The hotel accommodations were amazing! The people that are a part of this organization are top-notch! I met life-long friends through this trip to Spain. I am eagerly awaiting my next trip which is summer 2012 to South Africa where we will go on a safari and swim with the sharks! Thank you Jacque!”

– Carla G. - Dallas, Texas

"I have traveled with Jacque McAllister and LynxxUSA many times. She is wonderful! It is so great having someone so professional and experienced take care of all your travel arrangements. I would recommend LynxxUSA to anyone who wants a relaxing, stress free vacation."

– Mindy M. - Atlanta, Georgia

"The South Africa trip was amazing! The accommodations were 5 Star with excellent service. Transfers from location to location were seamless and efficient. The daily sight-seeing and activities hit the must see highlights of the areas we visited. But most of  all, the group we traveled with made it one of the most memorable and favorite trips I have been on to date. I highly recommend LynxxUSA Travel."

– Kelley T. - Dallas, Texas

"I have taken several trips with Lynxx and all have exceeded my expectations.  The beauty of the trip is that you can go on a vacation of a lifetime while having all the details planned for you.  The trip is all yours, however, hotel booking, transfers and all the minor details are taken care of for you.  All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.  I have had nothing but an amazing time on all my trips with Lynxx.  Definitely worth the money and hassle free travel!!"

– Tracey C. - Dallas, Texas

"Lynxx has become my  family!!  These are the best group of traveling companions someone could ever want.  Laid back, adventurous, FUN, punctual (except for Danielle. Ha! love you Dani!), curious, happy, flexible and supportive... Jacque has created a network of travelers who have become my most cherished friends and compadres.  She is exceptionally talented at making her trips casual yet luxurious, relaxed yet adventurous, busy yet comfortably paced.  She is a magician!  All you have to do is show up and it's a guaranteed good time."

– Meridith M. - Dallas, Texas