Frequently Asked Questions

Why travel as a group?

Organizing your own group to travel gives you the flexibility to set the pace of the tour to match your interests and budget. It also allows you to take advantage of group discounts in hotels, on tours, and with airfare. You can reserve the land and air space with a minimum deposit to allow you time to promote the trip and gather participants.

How many people do I need for a group?

A group can be any size, however, most group discounts start with a minimum of 10 people. The more people in your group, the lower the price will be per person.

What is a Tour Escort

An escorted tour includes an experienced Tour Guide or Driver Guide that stays with your group throughout your whole tour. Depending on where you are traveling you may be required to have a Driver or a Tour Guide.

I would like to organize a group trip, how do I get started?

As a Group Leader and Organizer, you will be the liaison between the travelers and our Groups Department. So to get started on the research here are some of the details you will need:

  1. What country would you like to visit?
  2. When were you thinking of traveling?
  3. How long would you like your trip to be?
  4. How many people would you like to bring?
  5. Does your group have a specific theme or interest, e.g. Golf, Music, Historic sites?
  6. Will you be traveling together from one location or from all around the US?

The next step is to contact us to discuss the type of itinerary you would like and to receive a customized quote.

I like the quote, what do I need to make a booking?

In order to initiate the booking, we require a non-refundable deposit that varies with each trip to secure the land components. If you would like us to hold group airfare for you we would also require a $100 per seat deposit to hold the airline reservation. The final payment is due 90 days prior to your departure. This will give you plenty of time to organize your group and secure payments. For more in-depth details, read our Terms & Conditions.

How far in advance do I need to book my group?

It is never too early to book a group. Keep in mind that the further out from the departure date the better chance you have of reserving the perfect hotels, tours, etc. Any group that wants to book and travel within 60 days would have to pay in full to secure the booking.

What are acceptable forms of payment?

Lynxx International accepts checks and the following credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express.